V4A’s Agenda for the 2019-21 Term

On Saturday, June 1 a new term begins for AGMA’s Board of Governors, and A Voice for All’s officers and governors are ready to get to work to make AGMA a more responsive, effective, modern and democratic union.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that 2019 will be AGMA’s last election for national officers without guarantees of both member category and geographic area representation among the vice presidents.
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  • Launching a bona fide anti-sexual harassment campaign aimed at effecting the culture shift our industries desperately need.
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  • Advancing transparency measures including permitting AGMA members to read Board of Governors meeting minutes upon request and providing annual board reports to the entire membership.
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  • Using the V4A website to share as much information as we are legally permitted to provide about the actions of AGMA’s governance on an ongoing basis.
  • Strengthening AGMA’s ties to its sister unions at home and abroad by seeking to reestablish the Merger and Affiliation Committee which was dissolved in 2009.
  • Moving to a self-directed Retirement Plan so AGMA’s members can choose how to invest their savings.
  • Solving AGMA’s health insurance problem and finding a path towards expanded eligibility.
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The V4A team looks forward to working towards these goals in cooperation and collaboration with all members of AGMA’s governance and hopes to find broad consensus through spirited and friendly debate. It is our expectation that members will see significant progress on all of these fronts within 15 months, and we will be updating you every step of the way.

Thank you to all who voted in the election, whether you voted for or against V4A’s candidates. Your participation is vital and we hope you will stay involved and continue to pay close attention as the work begins. It is an honor to have been elected to represent you.